Food is a very important thing to us giants, almost as important as the forest. We like our food simple but tasty. We enjoy our meals full-heartedly, which is why we like to create the right atmosphere as well. At the dining table you may also notice that our character shows in the size of the food, too. You don’t often see cardamom buns as big as ours.

We want to create special, unique, high-quality and above all memorable parties and events. We want to serve our guests tasty experiences, which is why we always prepare all our delicious gourmet dishes in our own kitchen from start to finish. Our services are always planned and carried out together with our customer. We do what we promise, and we are always on schedule.

We collect our own mushrooms, berries and herbs to use as ingredients in our foods. When it comes to other ingredients such as fish, wild game, and root vegetables, we always favour using local Finnish ingredients. We act in an environmentally friendly manner while respecting sustainable development principles.




As we speak, the giants are cooking and developing the tastiest evening snacks and soups in the whole Arctic Giant… You won’t believe what more you can find in the new All-Day Menu when the giants start planning it with all their mighty hearts! A little bird told us that this summer the giants will be searching for and tasting all sorts of seasonal wild herbs, so that when autumn arrives the giants can serve their guests the best fare on this Earth (of course not forgetting their delicious delicacies!).



At Makuhelmi

Food for the eyes and for the stomach. We provide genuine and unforgettable culinary delights. We have the facilities for small and larger groups alike to dine. Our dining services are well suited for different groups of various sizes, such as meeting groups.

At Makuhelmi

Your dream wedding closer to the sky. Have the wedding reception of your dreams in the magical and memorable Arctic Giant. We organise special and unique wedding receptions according to the bride and groom’s wishes in the magical scenery of the Kivesvaara hill. Our staff will create a mouthwatering, delicious wedding menu and a beautiful table setting suiting the theme of your wedding.

At Makuhelmi

Fun events and celebrations for people of all ages. We want to organise unique, individualised, high-quality, and above all memorable events and celebrations while taking into account the clients’ needs and wishes. We prepare our own delicious and mouthwatering dishes ourselves from start to finish, and we will also prepare and organise the premises to suit the theme of your event.

At Makuhelmi

Authentic culinary delights with a stunning view. Take a sauna until the early hours of a summer morning and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Kivesvaara scenery. If you get hungry while taking a sauna, you can order some salty snacks to be delivered straight to you. If your hunger happens to be giant, we can also provide you with full-blown meals.


For those seeking for an adventure, we offer the possibility of dining in our brand-new goahti, a Lapland-style tent, which is a historical type of hut used by the Sami people. The food tastes best when it’s self-made, and that is the atmosphere you can find here. Inside the goahti, we prepare and eat tasty fare together by the fire.


Special menus for different seasons and holidays. The kitchen of Makuhelmi also prepares seasonal delicacies. In addition to the traditional menus, Makuhelmi also has special, seasonal menus. We update the info on these menus throughout the year.


Our premises fit many different needs, especially weddings and family reunions. Our scenic café has room for 50 people and the private restaurant section can fit as many as 100. In addition, the roofed terrace that circles around the building can hold up to 50 people during the summertime. The hall also has a dance floor and space for a band. We are fully licenced to sell alcoholic beverages.