Privacy Policy

Date of preparation 18 June 2018.

When using our services, you may also be asked to provide personal information. Answering these questions is always voluntary. Your personal data is stored and they are processed in accordance with Finnish data protection regulations. Personal information collected through our website is used either to draw up a contract and to process your contact. Your data can also be processed and used for advice, advertising and news purposes only, if you have given your consent to this separately. Register and Data Protection Statement in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99).

The Register

Taikalinna / Jättiläisenmaa

Kivesvaarantie 40
88300, Paltamo

Company Number: 2707535-2

Contact information in registry matters

Taikalinna / Jättiläisenmaa

Kivesvaarantie 40
88300, Paltamo

Register name

Jättiläisenmaa Oy’s marketing register (later the company).

Purpose of personal data processing

Personal data can be used for the following purposes: for analysis and profiling, the company’s marketing, advertising and / or for direct marketing. For website and service communication, customer relations handling, market research and electronic direct marketing in accordance with the Personal Data Act and the Electronic Communications Data Protection Act.

Data to be registered

Information about registered persons according to the following grouping can be entered in the personal register:

– Name
– Email address
– Mobile phone number
– Company and address information
– Reading information and site behavior of newsletter subscribers
– Analysis and profile information
– User’s IP address and transitions, Country information
– Browser type, operating system
– Bid history or information on other contacts
– Registration information
– Username, password or other unique information
– Payment connection, payment card or parcel account information
– Customer feedback data
– Order information
– Possible other information collected with the consent of the user

The site may also contain third parties (partnerships), such as measurement and tracking services, cookies. Third parties may set cookies to your terminal when you visit the site.

Regular information sources of the register

The register is compiled from the company’s customer information and systems, and possibly in general available internet information sources or tools.

Transfer of information

Statistical information is collected in the register in connection with product or service orders. The register holder does not hand over site behavior information to outsiders. We can hand over your personal data for the purposes of use as long as it is valid in accordance with personal data legislation. The information you provide through the site information can be disclosed e.g.

– To the service providers participating in the implementation of the website and our services
– To payment service providers
– To partners for marketing purposes, unless you have specifically forbidden it
– To the authorities in the event that the law or another important interest requires it

Right to inspect and correct information

In accordance with § 26 of the Personal Data Act, the registered person has the right to check the information concerning him is recorded in the personal register. The inspection request must be made in writing and sent signed to the above-mentioned person responsible for registry matters. In accordance with § 29 of the Personal Data Act, the registered person also has the right to demand that the register is incorrect correction of information. In the data correction request, the error to be corrected must be identified and the corrected data must be indicated. A written correction request must be sent to the above-mentioned person responsible for registry matters. Our customer service will respond to questions and feedback regarding the register within two business days at the latest.

Deletion of information

Data can be deleted at the request of the data subject or due to the cancellation of the newsletter subscription.

Registry protection principles

Personal information is kept confidential. The company’s data network and the server partner’s and engineering equipment, on which the register may be located, are protected by a firewall and other necessary technical measures.

Right of prohibition

The registrant has the right to prohibit the transfer of his data and the processing of direct advertising and other marketing purposes.