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Kuru’s story

The giants are simple and warm-hearted, but also very shy. They usually don’t show themselves to people. The giants are extremely fond of birds and butterflies, and both can be found in the area of Arctic Giant. For the birds, the giants have built birdhouses. However, the birdhouses became so big that they are more suitable as accommodation for guests of Arctic Giant than for birds.

How did the idea come?

One fall day in 2007, Anja did go with Vesa to Kivesvaara to pick up some lingonberry. The scenery of the completely empty skiing center was magical and after the lingonberry trip, Anja and Vesa were impressed. Already that evening, fate began to whisper to Vesa that those empty buildings could be modified and at the same time give them a new purpose of use. The next day, Vesa already did the shopping, and the abandoned skiing center’s new life as Arctic Giant got air under its wings. 

A gigantic undertaking

The first steps to realizing the dream were taken when the already existing buildings of the old skiing center were renovated while preserving and utilizing the old. Finally, the grand opening was held in Arctic Giant in 2012. The task has been huge, downright gigantic, and it will continue as the next generation takes more responsibility for the operation. What new and interesting things are yet to come?

Where does the name Arctic Giant come from?

Stories of giants and strong men have been told in the Paltamo and Oulujärvi area for a long time. These stories partially have a basis in truth, because the three giants of Kainuu: Daniel Cajanus, Väinö Myllyrinne and Lauri Moilanen have been among the ten tallest men in the world. All these three Kainuu tall men were about 2.5 meter giants.