We giants have prepared a variety of activities for you to enjoy in our forest in each season. You can go snow sliding, go snowshoeing in the giants’ footsteps, work out like the giant Wäki-Turilas, or grab some binoculars and go birdwatching and observe some of the giant Meteli-Jatuli’s bird friends.

We giants are old as rock, but that does not mean that we are behind the times. You also have the opportunity to go on an adventure in the modern light forest, or go on a spontaneous hiking trip with a mobile device as your guide. You can familiarise yourself with the area by using the map that we have made for you. And remember, if you are wondering about anything, you can always ask a forest spirit for some help!


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The most beautiful golf course in Finland, Paltamo Golf, is located just a stone's throw away from The Arctic Giant. Paltamo Golf is known for its stunning natural landscapes, as the golf course is surrounded by bedrock, forest, and lakeshores. Paltamo Golf is located only around 25 km away from The Arctic Giant.


The area surrounding the Kivesvaara hill is home to several great fishing spots. You can choose between the rapids right next to a ridge, River Kongasjoki or Lake Kivesjärvi. When you are staying at The Arctic Giant, you may also use our rowing boat found on the shore of Lake Kivesjärvi.


Snowshoeing is a fun winter activity that you can either try on your own or with the help of a guide. When you are staying at The Arctic Giant in the wintertime, the price of your accommodation includes provision of showshoes.


A new addition to The Arctic Giant's winter activities is the fun and exciting tube hill that will definitely get the heart pumping! The tube hill is a halfpipe-shaped hill that you can slide down on a large, round tube. Limitless fun for all!


Explore the trails of the giants by fatbike. Fatbikes available at the reception from 25€ / 3 hours. For more information +358 40 7487391 /


The Kivesvaara surroundings feature a wide variety of nature trails of different lengths and challenges to suit everyone's taste. The trails vary between 2 to 15 kilometres in length. One of the nature trails leads to a place called Pahalouhos, where it is said that the giants once built their castle.


The newly-opened Kainuu rock park is located on the Kivesvaara hill. The park features over 40 different types of rock. The rock park exhibits the history and composition of the bedrock found in Finland and especially the Kainuu region. The trail covering the entire rock park exhibition is around 300 meters long and can be traversed in a wheelchair.


We organise guided berry and mushroom trips, during which you can learn to identify the various types of berries and mushrooms. Our berry and mushroom trips are available during the months of August and September, when the mushroom season is at its peak. The trip is about 2 kilometres in length and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Price: €70 / group (regardless of the size of the group)


Icelandic horse stable Hóll Stable is also located in Paltamo. It provides you with the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the lovely Icelandic horses and go on a variety of trail riding trips. The stable provides trail riding trips all year round.


The Lake Oulujärvi surroundings, within around 15 kilometres of the Kivesvaara hill, feature a wide variety of ski tracks of different lengths and challenges leading to the lake's islands. These ski tracks are definitely worth traversing when visiting the area in the wintertime.


in the winter it is possible to try your fisherman´s luck at the nearby lakes Oulujärvi and Kivesjärvi.